Thank You Walt Disney, Inc.

Thank You Walt Disney, Inc. is committed to saving Walt Disney’s Kansas City history and providing a place for art and animation study, while encouraging confidence and entrepreneurial individualism.

The efforts to restore the Laugh-O-Gram Studio in Kansas City represent more than just a fascination with Walt Disney and his incredible life. They represent our opportunity to preserve a part of history that would have otherwise disappeared, and will ultimately serve as a catalyst to link education and hope with our youth, enabling them to become true leaders in our community.

Members of the Board

Butch Rigby, Chairman
Dan Viets, President
Scott Cauger, Vice President
Christy Cubbage, Treasurer
Brian Price
Beckie Baker
Carole Vaughan
Tyler Campbell, Media Manager

In Appreciation

James Hopper, Johnson County Community College
Jeremy Knoll, BNIM

Butch Rigby, Chair, discusses the formation of Thank You Walt Disney, Inc.