Laugh-O-gram and Troost Revitalization

The Troost area of Kansas City is on the verge of significant renewal.  Several redevelopment projects have been completed recently along the Troost corridor, the Legacy Crossing development project promises renovation in properties along Troost between 31st Street and Linwood, and Kansas City’s Urban Neighborhood Initiative led by Diane Cleaver is making an impact on the area.

The renovation of Walt Disney’s Laugh-O-gram studio at 31st & Forest could be a significant catalyst for redevelopment of the Troost neighborhood.  Many Kansas City leaders are working together to make that happen.  The leadership of Thank You Walt Disney is actively involved in this initiative.

The Overflow Storytelling Lab recently produced a video to help promote this renovation initiative and to inform Kansas City citizens of the historical significance of Laugh-O-gram and the legacy of Troost Avenue in KC.  The video’s planning, production and post-production were donated by the Overflow Storytelling Lab through its Founding Principal, Shane Brethowr,  Jeff Short filmed the project and video editing was completed by Ryan Zimmer.  Thank You Walt Disney greatly appreciates this significant gesture of support.  The Laugh-O-gram building is part of a great Kansas City story.  Thanks for telling that story so eloquently through this video.